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Thursday 18 July 2019
Thursday 18 July 2019
Webinar - 10:30am - 05:00pm  Webinar Season Ticket - May to July 2019

Only available until Friday 3 May.

By booking a Webinar Season Ticket you will be able to view every standard webinar we hold between May-July, either live or by watching the recording later. You book and pay once.

We'll set you up in each webinar and send you the confirmation link. And in addition you'll get one webinar free - so this quarter you get 5  for the price of 4.

The webinars covered by the Season Ticket this quarter are:

  • Tracking down your ancestors in Ireland, Pauleen Cass, 6 May
  • In the workhouse, Helen V Smith, 21 May
  • Using Excel for DNA, Danielle Lautrec, 18 June
  • TROVE - It's more than just newspapers, Heather Garnsey, 17 July
  • Not quite Quincy - Coroners' records in England, Helen V Smith, 24 July
Lecture - 01:30pm - 03:30pm  Discussion Session with NSW Police - Genetic genealogy and police investigations

Location: Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street Sydney (more information here)

Convenor: Kerry Farmer        Free for members and non-members, but bookings are essential.  See important details below. 

Recent developments in the US have created a buzz in the forensic community about this powerful new application to assist investigations. However there are significant ethical and legal issues to consider prior to its widespread adoption in law enforcement.  The NSW and Victorian Police Forces have instigated a project to assess and validate the application of genetic genealogy to Australian investigations, and this session will give the project team an opportunity to engage with the genealogy community to discuss the issues.

Note this is not a lecture or general information session about genetic genealogy so please only register to attend if you have already tested your DNA, have a good understanding of the current debate taking place about the use of test results by law enforcement agencies on sites such as Gedmatch, and are interested in participating in this discussion.   

Numbers are strictly limited. Register your interest in attending here – confirmations will be sent out by 10 July.