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An individual or an entity is confirmed as a Benefactor of the Society by the Board following a significant donation or bequest of money, or a donation of significant books and papers.  The list of Benefactors is provided and is published annually in Descent. 

Information on donations and bequests to the Society can be found here

We would also like to thank the wonderful benefactors below who have helped the Society:

Miss S.J. Atkinson*

K.E. Aubusson*

Miss M. J. Barnes*

Miss J. Bates*

Miss R.E. Bulkeley*

R. & Mrs L.U Burge*

Caleula Foundation

W.L. Chapman

Dr C.C.* & Mrs M.L. Croker*

M.A.J. Crowe*

Mrs P.J. Crowe*

Mrs P.J. Crummer

R.J.W. d’Apice, AM, (Fellow)

T.A. Eakin, (Fellow)

R.A. Elliott*

Esso Australia Ltd

Mrs J.E. Gale

Miss D. Gardiner*

Genelogical Research Directory

Mrs S.C. Gluskie

Mrs P.J. Gordon (Fellow)

S.E. Gronvald*

Dr Jennifer Harrison

V.K. Hicks*

IBM Australia Limited

K.A. Johnson, AM, (Fellow)

Miss M.A. Jones*

Mrs P.B. Josephson*

T.J. Kennedy, AM

N.S.A. Layton (Fellow)*

G.P. Lewis (Fellow)

Mrs I.A. Lewis

Library of Australian History

Mrs A.L. Lind

Major D.H.V. Lobb*

A.J. Loewenthal*

A.G. Lowe

Peter Mabey* & Anne Carolan*

Mrs L.M. MacDonald (Fellow)*

Mrs S.P. McGlynn*

Dr Perry C. McIntyre (Fellow)

John K. McLaughlin, AM (Fellow)

Mrs B. McNamara

Mrs J.A. Miller*

Mrs P.M.B. Mills*

Mrs S.C.M. Murphy*

E.J. Perry*

R.H. Pocock*

Miss M.E. Pritchard*

Mrs C. Robertson

Miss E.J.G. Russell*

Mrs Gordon Russell*

M.R. Sainty, AM, (Fellow)

Mrs C.E.O. Simpson, OAM*

E.P.T. Simpson*

M. Stirling*

Mrs B.J. Stokes

Patricia Ulrichsen*

Nick Vine Hall, AM, (Fellow)*

Rev, O.B. Waldron-McCarthy (Fellow)*

Miss D. E. Watt*

A.H. Bridge Watts*

The William Roberts & Kezia Brown Family Assoc. Inc*

C.R. Wilshire*

J.D. Wilson (Fellow)

Worthington Clark Pty Ltd.


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Our Research Centre is at 2/379 Kent St, Sydney.

Our office is at Richmond Villa, 120 Kent St, Sydney.

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See our hours of opening for each building.


Call : +61 2 9247 3953


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