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SAG Book Club

SAG has an online book club! Join us four times a year as we get together to explore a book related to family history. This is a chance to meet authors, share ideas with other enthusiastic readers and gain new perspectives on our own family history research.

How does it work?

SAG Book Club events are free to SAG members. Each event runs via Zoom for 1.5 hours. Sometimes we will be joined by the book’s author or another special guest, and sometimes we’ll have opportunities for small discussion groups to share our reactions and insights with fellow SAG members.

What do I have to do?

1.    Check out our reading list below and register for the events you’d like to join.

2.    Track down a copy of the book and read it. (There are some helpful links in the event information).

3.    On the night, grab your favourite beverage and join the Zoom meeting!

2023 book club events

7.30pm-9.00pm AEDT Tuesday 21 February 2023: The Sawtooth Slayer, Nathan Dylan Goodwin

FREE for members to attend though registration required:

(via Goodreads) April 2020, Twin Falls, Idaho. A serial killer is on the loose. A nameless man is kidnapping young  women from their own homes, taking them out of the city to kill them before returning their bodies to random locations around the city. Detective Maria Gonzalez heads up the investigation but has very few leads to pursue. As time passes and fears rise that the killer might strike again with a fifth victim, Maria turns to Venator—an investigative genetic genealogy company—in the hope that they can identify the killer from his DNA alone before he has the chance to take yet another life. Despite her initial reticence to take on the company’s first ever live case, Madison Scott-Barnhart and her team in Salt Lake City agree to try to reveal the identity of this barbaric serial killer. In the midst of the global pandemic that has closed the Venator office and posed both personal and professional problems for Madison, time is running out on this case.

This is the second novel in the Venator Cold Case series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

How to find a copy

Dates to follow for events across the rest of the year.

Other book recommendations and reviews to follow

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