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 We are curating a list of our favourite genie blogs  - let us know any ones to add -  please email info[at]sag.org.au.

SAG Group and Member blogs

https://www.itsallrelative.com.au/ is the blogsite of SAG President Melissa Hulbert and combines her professional and personal interests in Genetic Genealogy (DNA), Family History, Astrophotography, and more!

https://dnasydney.wordpress.com/  is from the Society's DNA Research Group drawing from expertise across the community and featuring information on group events and research.

https://famresearch.wordpress.com/ is the blog from SAG Board Director Kerry Farmer and details much of her use of DNA research methodologies into uncovering her family's lineage.

https://recordmypast.com.au/ has been developed by SAG Board Director Philippa Shelley Jones and features drawing connections with place, objects, and pets when considering family history.

http://geniaus.blogspot.com is the main blog from SAG Education Committee member and repeatedly Australia’s Gold Genealogy Rockstar, Jill Ball. Jill also blogs at: http://curryaus.wordpress.com.

http://www.generationsgenealogy.com.au/ is the blog from SAG presenter, supervisor, and volunteer for archival projects, Danielle Lautrec.

https://edenborough.info/ Family Leaves and Branches is where Diploma Supervisor and Committee member Jennie Fairs shares her stories and also details her Edenborough Surname Study.

https://www.ancestordiscovery.com.au/blog/ is where Cathie Sherwood, member of the SAG Education Committee, provides insights into her work and latest events.

Lilian's Tree (researchbylily.blogspot.com) is where you can find posts from SAG's Writing Discussion Group Convenor, Lilian Magill. Lilian provides information on her own research, focussing on Australian, Irish and Scottish ancestry, whilst keeping us updated with her current observations from the sector.

http://patientgenie.blogspot.com/ is 'The Patient Genie' or Michelle Patient's blog site. Another member of the SAG Education Committee, Michelle details her Trans-Tasman research and is another DNA specialist. 

https://mossiesmusings.blogspot.com/ is where SAG presenter and course developer Christine Woodlands brings together her research findings. She also blogs at http://killionquinnhand.blogspot.com/http://agnescahillfamilynswaustralia.blogspot.comhttp://webbwagg.blogspot.com http://lutgeaustralia.blogspot.com; and https://gersbachaustralia.blogspot.com

https://vhancestorsstories.blogspot.com/ is one of the blogsites that SAG DNA Research Group member Vicki Hails has developed - she is building up a wealth of stories that she also frequently shares at our Friday Hang Outs.

https://genemonkey25.wordpress.com/ is one of the blogs from Veronica Williams and is one of our featured interviewees (see below). Veronica also blogs at: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cassidy-446.

https://thednaconnection.com.au/tag/dna/ is the site for Melanie Dunstan, SAG member, who has recently completed the Certificate of Genealogical Studies.

http://janellestree.blogspot.com/ is the blog from SAG member Janelle Collins where she documents her research and travels. Her blog is also one of many searchable in the Australian Web Archive searchable in Trovehttps://webarchive.nla.gov.au/  

https://dragonflygenie.blogspot.com/ is a NEW blog from Julie Simpson and already some amazing stories documented!

https://familyhistoryagency.com.au/ is Dr Kristy Love's blog and website outlining her research and services.

https://rednicnz.wordpress.com/ is member and Diploma of Family Historical Studies candidate Sarah Hewitt's blog site. 

Jennyaology is the blog from member Jenny Joyce that features her research.

Family Tree Frog is member Alex Daw's site and also links to her other blogs covering family history and her reading recommendations.

https://insearchoftwomariners.blogspot.com/ is Sandra Reid's blog intending to catch cousins!

https://hingerty.blogspot.com/ is Christine Hingerty's blog on her Hingerty One Name Study

Other genealogy and related blogs





Family history blog posts | National Library of Australia (nla.gov.au)

Please also see THIS LINK for interviews with some of our favourite bloggers on developing their sites (recorded as part of the Society's In search of...Family History Technology in March 2021.

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