Employment & Dispersal Lists CD

Assisted Passengers Arriving 1848-1854

This CD contains 23,262 transcriptions including an index of the records of the employment and dispersal lists of assisted passengers arriving at
Moreton Bay, Port Phillip, Sydney and one to Twofold Bay for the period 1848 to 1854.

These lists have been extracted from the NSW Governor’s Despatches with the exception of the general and disposal list of the female immigrants on the Culloden which is from the NSW Colonial Secretary’s In-Letters.

The immigrant details include name, age and occupation and there are also births and deaths with dates for each and, for deaths, the cause is given in most cases. Whenever found, many additional reports have been included for these lists, also any found for those where the
lists are missing, and they are sourced not only from the Despatches but also from the NSW Colonial Secretary’s correspondence. These PDF files are accessible via the Help button.


Aileen J Trinder, Pastkeys, 2015 

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