1823, 1824, 1825 General Muster of New South Wales

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Transcription publication by SAG's ABGR.

Editor Carol Baxter discovered that the "1825" Muster is in fact a combination of three musters, taken in 1823, 1824 and 1825.

The main text of the list records Full Name, Age for children (who are grouped by family), Ship and Year of arrival or whether Born in the Colony, length of Sentence, current status (e.g. Free by Servitude or Came Free), Employer (often trade or other particulars are given in this field - e.g. widow, lives with, child of, blind), Place of abode, and Remarks (which can give details such as "Run on 24 Oct 1824", "Executed", or "Gone to England").

Appendices gather details such as employers, occupations, deaths and departures. The introduction explains how the musters were conducted, where and when. Details such as Work Gangs are of local history interest.

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Carol J Baxter (editor), Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record (ABGR) in association with the Society of Australian Genealogists