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Family History Connect | Analysing your BigY700 Results

  • 30 April 2024
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Online via Zoom
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Family History Connect | Understanding your BigY700 Results - What is it telling you and what do you do next?

Our 'members-only' series, Family History Connect, feature themed sessions focusing on particular areas of genealogical research.

Sessions are generally facilitated by one of the Society’s wonderful volunteers and will take place in-person however this particular session will be held online via Zoom. These sessions are open to all current members of the Society. 

This session of Family History Connect | Understanding your BigY700  will be offered online via Zoom and facilitated by Society volunteer, Chris Hingerty. Limit of 5 participants. 

By agreeing to be part of this session, you are aware that:

  • Participants will be asked to have a pre-session discussion with the facilitator.
  • This session is open to people who have already received their  BigY700 DNA test results, and want to discuss what the results are telling them and what to do next to achieve their research goals.
  • All participants must be prepared to share and discuss their results with the group.
  • Participants do not need to know how to read or analyse their results as this will be demonstrated during the session. 
  • There will be instructions at the session re how to log on to FTDNA, locate your results and how to share the screen on Zoom.
  • Participants will introduce themselves by responding to the following questions: Who did you test? What research question are you trying to answer i.e. why test?

Please note that, due to privacy concerns, no recordings or screen shots can be taken during the session.

Participants are strongly encouraged to view the recording available in the Members Area, Webinar Library, Using Y-DNA to Assist Your Research 23 Sep 2023 prior to the session, in order to benefit from and be able to contribute to the discussion.

You can view other sessions in the Family History Connect series here.

This is a members only event. Bookings are essential for this session. Please note this session will not be recorded. 

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