Inside the Rocks

SECONDHAND - The Archaeology of a Neighbourhood

This book takes us inside the everyday life of Sydney's historic Rocks area over the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The author focuses on human experience, exploring social, community, family and personal life at the intimate level made possible by the  'buried treasure' from the site, combined with oral and family history, and set within the broader sweep of nineteenth-century social history. 

The story begins with glimpses of Aboriginal occupation and interaction with the first Europeans and then looks closely at subsequent periods, from convict society to the culture of tradespeople and labouring families who occupied the close-packed houses during the nineteenth century.  It is a story which reflects the remarkable transformation of Sydney from a pre-industrial town to one of the largest cities in the world.  Maps and photographs complement this fascinating narrative about Rocks People, their houses and possessions, and the neighbourhood they created.



Softcover, 27cm, very good condition, 240 pages, indexed


Grace Karskens, Hale & Iremonger Pty Ltd, 1999