Handy Guide: Welsh given names


Have you noticed that many of our Welsh ancestors actually carried "English" rather than "Welsh" given names?

While only a few Welsh names make it into popularity lists for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many English names had Welsh forms that were used by the Welsh population in general.

This Handy Guide explores Welsh given names for the 1700s and 1800s, a period of particular interest to family history researchers. Filled with tables of  'popular names' from the era, each list contains spelling variants as well as diminutives and abbreviations.

This will prove incredibly useful not only when reading old documents or letters which have the names abbreviated, but also to give you clues on alternate spellings of names you could be looking for.


8 page A4 booklet, b&w and colour photos

Carol Baxter, Unlock the Past handy guide, 2019


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