Handy guide: DNA for Genealogy


Inside every cell in our bodies lies a copy of  all the genetic material (or DNA) that made and maintain us.  We inherited this DNA from our parents, who inherited their DNA from their parents - including the random changes or mutations that distinguish one individual from another.

Genealogical DNA tests examine the DNA of an individual and compare it against others who have previously tested, looking for identical segments of  DNA that were probably inherited from shared ancestors.  We can use this analysis to try to identify the ancestor in common and thus how we relate to our newly discovered genetic cousins.

In this handy guide (4 page booklet), genetic genealogist Kerry Farmer covers the types of genealogical DNA tests available, she answers the questions as to why have your DNA tested, lists the DNA testing companies, and has a glossary listing a number of DNA related terms with an easy-to-understand meaning.


4 page A4 booklet, b&w and colour photos

Kerry Farmer, Unlock the Past handy guide, 2017


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