The Madness of 'Mac' Surnames


If you have determined that 'Mc' and 'Mac' surnames are the most complicated surnames originating in the British Isles, you need to read this book. And if you haven't already worked that out, you 'desperately' need to read this book.

For example, imagine if you were researching the surname McClarence and to your surprise, you stumbled across a variant McLawrence. And you were researching McLachlan and saw it written as McGloughlan. And you were researching McGuigan and found McQuigan, and you saw McQuade written as McWade, and McWright written as McRight, and McReady and McCready.

By this stage you have gone all the way from 'McC' to 'McL' to 'McG' to 'McQ' to 'McW' to 'McR' and back to 'McC'. You would have every reason for tearing your hair out in confusion and thinking that "This is all too hard!"

Well, don't despair.  There are logical reasons for all of these spelling exchanges.  In fact, they are predictable once you understand the sounds and letters of the English language and how they influence 'Mac' or 'Mc' surnames. The aim of this book is to communicate that information.

'The Madness of "Mac" Surnames' is not a surname dictionary, but rather a foundational guide to help you find other ways of spelling your 'Mac' surnames of interest. Never again will you feel as if you are wandering around in a confusing maze as you try to work out variant spellings for the ‘Mac’ surnames of your ancestors.


A5, 72 pages, b&w and colour photos

Carol Baxtor, Unlock the Past series, 2018




 Aug 2018