The Certificate in Genealogical Research course was introduced in 2010 and is designed to help students improve their research analysis and writing skills. It is not intended to be a course which teaches you how to undertake genealogical research and applicants are expected to have a good working knowledge of family history and to have been researching family history for a minimum of three years before they apply.

The course is undertaken over an 18 month period and requires successful completion of 8 components of work. Candidates must be financial members of the SAG when undertaking the course and it has been designed so that members who live outside of the Sydney area can participate in it. Good internet access is important as all work is distributed and submitted by email. 

The current course Regulations (as at 9 December 2015) are available here.

Applications for 2018 will be open from 1-28 February.  Applications are not accepted at other times and potential applicants should be aware that the course is extremely popular and is often over subscribed.

2018 Applications

An Information Brochure about the 2018 course is available here

To apply for a place in the 2018 Certificate in Genealogical Research Certificate course, you will need to complete a short survey and answer a short genealogical research question.   The newspaper article you will need to consult as part of the application process is available for download here.

Applications are open from 1-28 February 2018 and you can commence here. You can only lodge one application so don't begin this questionnaire until you are ready to apply.