TMG software

The Master Genealogist (or TMG) is one of the most advanced and versatile genealogy software products on the market today. It allows family historians to fully customise data, reports and charts to suit their own requirements. It is very flexible and powerful, and is used by professional genealogists and beginners alike.

The aim of the TMG Sydney User Group is to allow members to exchange information, ideas, and techniques for using TMG and related programs in their family history.

Group members have different levels of experience with TMG, from many years through to complete novices.

The group also runs a mailing list and website at where questions can be asked and answered and external meetings organized. To join this mailing list please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As this software is no longer being developed and supported, our TMG group can assist you in deciding whether you should move your data across to a different program, as many of its members are currently making this decision.

You'll find details of upcoming meetings here.