Legacy software

The Legacy Users’ Group is organised by volunteers who use ‘Legacy Family Tree’ and are prepared to share their knowledge and experiences. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a new or long term user of Legacy Family Tree. Even If you are just considering using Legacy Family Tree software you are welcome to come along.

The focus of the group is to give support to members using Legacy Family Tree software to enter and store our family research.

At meetings there are presentations on techniques, tips,and hints; all members of the group are encouraged to contribute information which could help others. Time is dedicated to beginner’s issues at the beginning of every meeting, and any questions on installation are also answered.

We encourage discussions and time is dedicated to any questions you may have. These sessions are typically very interactive and it is an advantage to bring along a laptop to follow along with the presentation. More information on the software is available here.

You'll find details of upcoming meetings here.