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November 2019
Webinar - Friday 01 November 2019 - Friday 31 January 2020 10:30am - 05:00pm
Webinar Season Ticket - Nov 2019 to Jan 2020

Only available until Monday 18 November

By booking a Webinar Season Ticket you will be able to view every standard webinar we hold between Nov-Jan, either live or by watching the recording later.

You book and pay once. We'll set you up in each webinar and send you the confirmation link.

And in addition you'll get one webinar free - so this quarter you get 5  for the price of 4. (The season ticket does not include the webinar course on Genome Mate Pro.)

The webinars covered by the Season Ticket this quarter are:

  • Essential U.S. genealogical resources - Nancy Loe, 19 Nov (matinee)
  • Land and property records in England - Rosemary Kopittke, 2 Dec
  • How to use other people's research - Danielle Lautrec, 10 Dec
  • Reviewing your research - get past that roadblock in your tree - Michelle Patient, 7 Jan
  • Understanding the U.K. census - Jenny Joyce, 20 Jan
December 2019
Webinar - Tuesday 10 December 2019 08:00pm - 09:00pm
How to use other people's research

Location: Your place!

Presenter: Danielle Lautrec   Bookings essential: $12, Members only 

They say you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but the preponderance of poorly researched trees makes us nervous about using other people’s research. As a result, we miss out on a potential gold mine of information. This session will examine how to take advantage of other people’s research without compromising the quality of our own family history.

Research/Software Group - Thursday 12 December 2019 10:30am - 12:30pm
Writing Discussion Group - My Adult Gap Year

Location: Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street Sydney (more information here)

Presenter: Teresa Bentos   Bookings essential: $12 members, $17 non-members 

Teresa is a nurse who has taken a ‘gap year’, in which she hopes to write the story of her time nursing in Iraq. She will talk about what she has achieved and how she writes. It is a fascinating story, one that needs to be told.

Lecture - Thursday 12 December 2019 01:30pm - 03:30pm
Forest workers

Location: Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street Sydney (more information here)

Presenter: Ralph Hawkins   Bookings essential: $24 members, $37 non-members 

Many men worked in the forests around Sydney in the first 50 years of settlement preparing timber for the Royal Navy and for domestic use. We give an overview of what a forest was, where they were, and what a timberfeller, shingle splitter and sawyer did for a living.