The first three photos below are views of our new premises at 2/379 Kent Street, as it started to take shape.  The very long shot is taken from the area where our computers are being installed, showing some microform readers in place in the foreground, and films ready for re-storage.  In the distance  are windows overlooking Kent Street.  Lift doors are on the right in the middle of the floor, opposite the fire stairs, toilets, reception and kitchen.  Behind the lifts will be our shop and a small office.

The other two shots from 379 show some of our new book shelves, in the course of being filled; and another view of our mircroform area. 

 Meanwhile, back at Richmond Villa we have a shot of our new seminar room taking shape on the upper floor - previous home to our microform readers.  And down on the ground floor, we have two shots of our future reading room, where items from our Richmond Villa Stack collection, and from our Primary Records collection, will be available for research.  The photos show the room heavily stacked with packed books, awaiting removal to to 379 Kent Street - it looks much more usable now!