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our volunteers

We couldn’t operate without the help of a wonderful team of volunteers! It's an amazing way to share your passion for family history with our community. Volunteer opportunities include:

Event presenter/Lecturer 

Computer systems assistant 

Research support services

Library assistant

Indexing & cataloguing

Website content preparation

Social media content preparation

Digitisation of resources 

IT support

Diploma supervision & marking

Webinar host

Archive assistant 

Conservation assistant 

Education courses marking & support 

You don't have to be an experienced researcher to join the volunteer ranks as you can learn on the job, but computer skills would be advantageous. It is also important to note that volunteers must be financial members at the Society for insurance purposes. If one of the above roles interests you, press the link below to apply. 

Become a volunteer today 

We would also like to thank the wonderful volunteers below who have helped the Society's staff and board members during 2021 (if we have left anyone off the list, please let us know!):

Ball, Jill

Barnett, Beverley

Barrett, Kathryn
Bell, Alison
Benson, Roger
Benstead, Lionel 
Bishop, Robin
Bovard, Geoff

Burleigh, Michael

Comrie-Thomson, Sue
Czarnik, Larry
Czarnik, Colleen
Day, Alan
Day, Judy
Dee, Aisla

Dietrich, Nyree

Dorrian, John

Dudley, Bill

Dunstan, Melanie

Eakin, Terry
Eldrige, Vicki

Fairhall, Bruce
Fairs, Jennie
Gall, Carol

Garnsey, Heather

Garnsey, Philippa

Goffe, Andrew

Graham, Brian

Hails, Vicki
Hartnell, Maryed
Hawkins, Ralph

Hicks, Terry & Jenny

Howard, Alicia

Hume, Lesley

Jackson, Tony
Jenkins, Doug
John, Anne

Jones, Lorna

Kapp, Jennifer & Melinda

Kelly, Jackie
Kilduff, Colin
Killion, Martyn

Lautrec, Danielle

Lind, Angela 
Little, Jenni 
Madsen, Jeff
Magill, Lilian

Marcroft, Christine
Meyer, Judy

Mooney, Linda

Morris, David
Morris, Phillipa


Morton, Chris
Nash, Robert
Newbury, Suzanne
Newton, Jan

Neyle, Margaret

Patient, Michelle
Pecar, Diana
Pronk, Joy
Pryor, Wendy

Radulovitch, Linda

Reece, Sharon
Reen, Barbara
Reynolds, Jen
Roberts, Jill
Ross, Greg
Rowntree, Ann
Roy, Jill
Ryan, Kerry
Sanderson, Christine
Schaefer, Charlotte

Sharpe, Maureen

Shaw, Kay 
Shepherd, Cathey

Sherwood, Cathie

Smith, Norma

Smith, Pat

Spencer-Young, Marianne

Stenning, Sue
Tasker, Joan
Toms, David
Toomey, Rex
Trenwith, Bill
Trinder, Aileen
Turner, Janet
Turner, Mike
Walker, Hilary
Walker, Jennifer
Wallbank, Leigh
Watson, Annesley
Weeks, Pauline
White, Judith
Williams, Veronica
Wilson, Alison
Wilson-Brown, Susie
Woodlands, Christine
Wright, Bob
Wright, Cheyne 

Young, Phil

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Library 2/379 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

Archives/Offices 120 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

Gadigal Land

Location map

See our hours of opening for each building.

NSW Charitable Fundraising No. CFN/26276


+61 2 9247 3953 Office

+61 2 9299 5151 Library (during opening hours)


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