Australians in Peril: Tracing Your World War Two Australian Military Ancestors


The interest in Australian military history continues to grow.  Every year, more records are being released, and every year more people get the desire to discover the role their ancestors played in Australian military history. 

If you are wanting to start researching your Australian World War Two ancestors, this concise, yet comprehensive guide is one for you, as well as giving you a simple overview of Australia's military history.


This book provides readers with a summary of Australia's military history in conflict, a glimpse of where to look and what to look for, as well as some guidance on how to understand military records, which translates to getting the most out of them. 


For those seeking to search out their World War Two Australian military ancestors, there is no better place to start.


Softcover, A5, 64 pages


Neil C Smith, UnlockThePast Series, 2017