Digital Imaging Essentials

So if you are ready to take your digital pictures to the next level, go ahead, open the book, and have fun!

Genealogists use digital imaging technology every day with cameras, scanners, saving files, sharing records and so on. But what you do not know about it, can harm your digital treasures. This book fills the need for a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide, with step-by-step instructions and illustrations to learn how to digitize, organise, preserve, share, and backup your digital collections.

From the very first page you will notice that this book is much more than a boring instructional manual - it is full of real-life examples that not only teach you the right buttons to push, but it thoroughly explains how to get the most of your digital imaging experience. AND this book is written specifically for genealogists!

There are some books that are meant for the coffee table, however this book belongs with you at your computer. In it you will learn:
 - The do-it-right-the-first-time techniques of scanning old documents, and snapping pictures with your digital camera.
 - How to finally get organized so that you can locate any digital image in under a minute.
 - Which file formats and file saving techniques to use to properly preserve your digital images.
 - How to use Adobe's Photoshop Elements and Google's Picasa with illustrated, step-by-step instructions and learn about other software choices.
 - How to privately or publicly share your images and videos via printing, emailing, Dropbox, CDs, DVDs, or online via cloud technology.
 - How to access your digital media from any Internet-connected device including your smart phone or tablet.
 - How to develop a backup strategy to protect your collections from digital disaster.

So if you are ready to take your digital pictures to the next level, go ahead, open the book, and have fun!

1. A digital image is ...
2. Before you digitise
3. Scanners, cameras, wi-fi, mi-fi, and eye-fi
4. Photo software
5. How to import from your scanner or camera
6. Before editing the picture
7. Auto-editing techniques
8. Editing: Advanced tips and techniques
9. Getting organised
10. Sharing
11. Backup strategies

Note: this 'Australian edition' is the same as the original book, but has been printed locally in Australia, and the text has been adapted for Australians.

Softcover, 152 pages

Geoff Rasmussen, Unlock the Past, 2012


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