Irish Roots Magazine 4Q 2017

Issue No. 104

Irish Roots Magazine is a powerful resource tool for all those interested in tracing their family tree. There is something for everyone in this publication from helpful tips to using research repositories, interviews, various articles, letters, news updates and much much more.

This magazine also covers many different aspects of Irish culture, heritage, legends and traditions. Celebrate your Irish Ancestry with Irish Roots magazine.

In this issue:

  • Discover Your Cavan Ancestors
  • Combining DNA Testing with traditional genealogical resarch
  • Conecting Mitochondrial DNA and Your Irish Roots
  • Irish American Sporting Legends
  • Irish Place Names and Families from Connacht explored
  • Christmas Traditions in the Irish Cottage
  • The Seven Septs from Laois and Their Transplantation to Kerry
  • Ireland to Australia - The Irish and Australian Farm Machinery
  • Readers experience - Yvonne Cooper
  • News from the World of Irish Genealogy and Lots Lots More

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