Legacy 9.0 Family Tree Deluxe CD

SOLD OUT - CDs no longer available in Australia

Legacy Family Tree continues its tradition as one of the leading players in the genealogy software market with the recent release of version 9. While keeping the same base format which current users of the program love, and improving on that with a number of new features. It is still an easy enough program to take home and get started straight away, while still having enough extra features for those who wish to explore it more.

So just what are the new features you’ll find in Legacy Family Tree 9?

Hinting: Legacy 9 sifts through billions of records from the key websites – FindMyPast, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, and MyHeritage – for new information, pictures, and stories of your ancestors. As you add to your tree, Legacy 9 begins the search – automatically!

FindAGrave.com Searching: One‐click access to your ancestor’s Find A Grave memorial. Create a list of people in your tree with or without Find A Grave IDs.

Online Backup: You’ll never worry about losing your data again. In addition to backing up to your hard drive, a thumb drive, or a DVD, you can now backup your Legacy to the Legacy Cloud. It also makes transferring to a new computer a breeze.

Stories: Preserve the stories of your ancestors or stories of your own. The new Stories tool lets you record, organize and print multiple stories for any of your ancestors.

Reports and Charts: See trends in your ancestors’ medical history with the new Cause of Death charts. Expand your genetic genealogy tools with the new X‐DNA color schemes. Get everyone involved at your next reunion or family gathering with Family Tree BINGO – play with cards of your ancestors, descendants, or a mixture. You can also now see your tree at a glance in the Family Dictionary.

Hashtags: Create unlimited hashtags to describe your ancestors. Then search for or print a report of everyone who shares that hashtag. You’re no longer limited to 9 tags. Call them anything you want – #civilwar #DNAtested #farmer #ProvenAncestor #BrownHair

Compare 2 People: Researching two same‐named individuals? Having difficulty differentiating two John Smiths in the same place? The new Chronology Comparison report puts them side‐by‐side, color codes their similarities and differences, and helps you determine if they could be the same person.

Colour Coding: Legacy’s popular color‐coding system has been expanded. Now enjoy the ancestor color coding in both the Index View and Name List, making it simple to know what part of your tree you are looking at.

And dozens of other enhancements: Digital pictures are now auto‐sorted by date. View all 9 tags in the Name List. Two additional custom toolbar buttons, and much more …

System Requirements

  • Pentium class computer.
  • VGA or higher display.
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. Note: Runs on both 32bit and 64bit Windows platforms.
  • A Hard Disk room for at least 500 megabytes of available space.
  • 8 GB of RAM minimum.
  • Internet connection recommended.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer if you want to use the Bing Mapping feature.

Millennia Inc, 2017

Legacy 9.0 User Guide available here