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November 2016

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  • Help with Education activities
  • A reminder of our Christmas hours
  • "BURIED" TREASURES - recently loaded to the MIDAS Catalogue


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  • GRO indexes to births and deaths
  • Honourable East India Company Ships Logs



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New! Webinar Season Tickets

We're introducing a new way to make it easier for members to ensure they never miss one of our very popular webinars. From the next quarter you'll be able to purchase a Webinar Season Ticket which will give you a place in each webinar being held in those three months, as well as any handouts and recordings. This means you only have to make one booking and payment - we'll do the rest and confirm your seat in each session and send you the link to activate when the webinar starts; if you can't participate live you'll still automatically get the recording. It ensures you never miss a webinar and streamlines your booking process. And as an extra enticement you'll get one webinar free. So in the February-April calendar there are 5 webinars - you'll only pay for 4. Season tickets will be available from 1 December - 9 February (the date of the first webinar in that quarter). See the details here.

Help with Education activities

Our Education Officer is currently looking for a volunteer to assist her at Richmond Villa one day per week (Wednesday or Thursday) with a myriad of tasks associated with our education activities. If you have some time and could help out, please email Danielle Lautrec on

A reminder of our Christmas Hours

The Society's libraries will be open right up until Thursday 22 December at 4pm and we're a nice quiet haven away from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. So why not set aside a day to escape into your family history?

379 Kent Street reopens on Tuesday 3 January and Richmond Villa reopens for viewing manuscript material on Thursday 5 January. Please note the only phone line being answered during the library closure period is at the Villa on 9247 3953.

"BURIED" TREASURES - recently loaded to the MIDAS Catalogue

Do you have Chinese ancestors buried in Australia? Our Manuscript & Image Collection contains the photographs and transcriptions that Faye Young recorded of various Chinese burial sites around Australia. More detail of the material including a full list of the names that we have indexed and how to access it in our MIDAS Catalogue is available in a searchable pdf document here.

Liverpool General Cemetery NSW Bruce and Betty Shepherd have done a wonderful job photographing and transcribing burial sites at Liverpool General Cemetery NSW. For each grave site with a monument they have created a document with photograph and details of those interred. There is also a list of all burials without a monument. Copies of photographs may be requested via SAG's MIDAS Catalogue in Accession 12018.

Camperdown Cemetery NSW - Outer Part Transcriptions from surviving legible gravestones and memorials in the outer part of Camperdown Cemetery, Sydney, recorded by Messrs N. Frederick and B. Bowen in December 1949 and January 1950, in advance of its conversion to a Memorial Rest Park. Each gravestone and/or footstone is accorded a separate leaf. This index references the 4 volumes held in SAG Library at B7/11/13 thru B7/11/16. The full index of names is available in SAG MIDAS Catalogue in Accession 12220.

Please do remember to LOGIN to the MIDAS Catalogue as a SAG Member so that you have access to all of the available data.

CALENDAR - December

A chronological list of all activities is now available for online viewing and bookings here. You can also phone Monday to Saturday during office hours on 9247 3953 or book over the desk during library hours Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday.

All activities are held at Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street unless otherwise specified.

  • Thursday 1 December (10.30am - 12.30pm) - History and secrets of Richmond Villa
    While researching the rebuilding of Richmond Villa, Ralph discovered that the site also has a very interesting past. Take a journey back in time to Sydney in the 1800s. Presenter: Ralph Hawkins. Bookings essential. $22 ($35 non-members).
  • Available from Thursday 1 December - Webinar Season Ticket - February-April 2017
    New in 2017! Only available until 9 February 2017. By booking a Webinar Season Ticket you will be able to view every standard webinar we hold between February-April, either live or by watching the recording later. You book and pay once. We'll set you up in each webinar and send you the confirmation link. And in addition you'll get one webinar free - so this quarter you get 5 for the price of 4. The webinars covered by the Season Ticket this quarter are: Genealogy research treasures inside the "Internet Archive", 9 February; Aboriginal people in BDMs, 18 February; Find out what's online and how to locate records on the NSW State Records website, 8 March (matinee); Jersey Archives (UK), 21 March; and London history and resources, 3 April.
  • Saturday 3 December (10.30am - 12.30pm) - Introduction to DNA for Genealogists - BOOKED OUT!
  • Saturday 3 December (1.30pm - 3.30pm) - DNA Research Group - BOOKED OUT!
  • Tuesday 6 December (8.00pm - 9.00pm) - Webinar - 'The Bones' - New Zealand civil registration records
    NZ genealogist Fiona Brooker will show how to search for a BDM in New Zealandís civil registration records, and provide tips and tricks to make it easier. Presenter: Fiona Brooker. Bookings essential. $12 members only.
  • Thursday 8 December (10.30am - 12.30pm) - Writing Discussion Group - Festive Flash 2: Treasures
    Do you possess an heirloom or artefact to do with your family history? We'd love to see it (or a photo, if it's too large to bring) and hear its story. Presenter: Sue Stenning. Bookings essential. $10 ($15 non-members).
  • Saturday 10 December (10.30am - 12.30pm) - Legacy Software User Group
    Discover ways to maximise the benefits of this family history software program. Learn from others, share tips and ask questions. Convenor: Bev Hyssett. Bookings essential. $10 ($15 non-members).
  • Saturday 10 December (1.30pm - 3.30pm) - Family history films
    Have you thought about making a film to preserve your family history? Simon Cunich, from Heirloom Films, will be showing examples of family history films and offering practical advice about how to use digital technologies and filmmaking for family history. Presenter: Simon Cunich. Bookings essential. $22 ($35 non-members).
  • Thursday 15 December (10.00am - 12.30pm) - Webinar - Genealogy technology webfest
    Two webinars about technology for genealogy, with a half hour break between them, from USA-based genealogist Thomas MacEntee. Part 1: Windows 10 Survival Guide: Learn the new features of Windows 10, how it will impact how you research genealogy, and more. Part 2: You Use What for Genealogy? Have you ever wondered if youíre missing out on how some genealogists are using tools such as Evernote, Microsoft Word or Excel, Google and more? Learn whatís hot in the world of apps and websites and how you can start using them! Presenter: Thomas MacEntee. Bookings essential. $22 members only.

GRO indexes to births and deaths

Whilst indexes to English civil registration events have been available online through various websites for some time now, a recent update has made these available on the GRO website with additional information.

The GRO has created brand new indexes of births and deaths and has included the mother's maiden name for all births, and the age at death for all deaths, from 1837 onwards. Previously this information was only available from 1911 for births and 1865 for deaths and can make it signficantly easier to locate the correct entry for your ancestor. Full middle names of individuals are also shown where available. Note also that as they are new indexes rather than copies of existing indexes, some errors in current indexes may have been corrected and a search of the GRO indexes may produce an entry that you were not able to find previously.

To search the indexes you will have to register (free) and logon to the site. You will then be able to search for births between 1837 and 1915 and deaths between 1837 and 1957. Note that the search form only allows you to search for five years at a time (a given year plus two years either side) and you must specify a gender for the search so you will need to conduct separate searches if looking for male and female members of the same family.

In addition to updating the indexes the GRO has been piloting a PDF service, allowing users to purchase copies of certificates online and delivering these via email. Phase 1 of the pilot has now concluded but a second and third phase will be undertaken in the future with the GRO then assessing the outcome of the three phases to determine whether to offer similar services in the future.

Honourable East India Company Ships Logs

This new website for Honourable East India Company Ships Logs includes passengers and crew indexes and transcriptions of the original Journals and Logs held by the British Library.


Visit our bookshop at 2/379 Kent Street, where we're open 10am to 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our great collection of family history book titles is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online, where you'll find local histories, CD-ROMs, charts and genealogical software - all at competitive prices!

When you place your order online, the Australia Post Calculator will calculate the correct postage fees according to the weight of your order.

Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia - 2nd edition - $13.00
While people may be aware of Trove, they are not aware of how to effectively use the various filters to narrow down their searches to maximum advantage. This guide lists and explains the various features so that other family historians and genealogists can make maximum use of this fantastic free resource. Follow the tips and you will soon become another Trove fan. Softcover, A5, 44 pages, Second Edition. Shauna Hicks, Unlock the Past Series 2016. [More detail]

DNA for Genealogists - 3rd edition - $14.00
As well as providing information about ourselves, DNA testing allows us to find others who share our ancestors, and also confirm or challenge apparently known relationships. Such tests can provide evidence of relationship even when no documents exist. Previously available only to medical and law-enforcement professionals, commercial testing companies now make genetic testing directly available to anyone who is interested. Softcover book, A5, 52 pages. Kerry Farmer, Unlock the Past Series, 2015. [More detail]

NEW - Genetic Genealogy in Practice - $45.00
The first workbook on genetic genealogy, the book provides family historians and genealogists who have just begun to explore genetic genealogy practical, easy to understand information that they can apply to their research. Readers learn the basic concepts of genetic genealogy. They then build on that knowledge as they study the testing, analysis, and application of Y-DNA, X-DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and autosomal DNA (atDNA) to reach and support genealogical conclusions. Each chapter includes exercises with answer keys for hands-on practice. Softcover, 196 pages. Blaine T Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne, National Genealogical Society, USA 2016. [More detail]

NEW - Sydney Cemeteries - $35.00
Cemeteries are wonderful, quiet places for the living. Whether you're interested in family history, exploring lesser-known parts of Sydney or finding a beautiful spot for a picnic, this comprehensive, expert guide has something for you. Softcover, 196 pages. Lisa Murray, 2016. [More detail]

Digital Imaging Essentials - $35.00
So if you are ready to take your digital pictures to the next level, go ahead, open the book, and have fun! Genealogists use digital imaging technology every day with cameras, scanners, saving files, sharing records and so on. But what you do not know about it, can harm your digital treasures. This book fills the need for a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide, with step-by-step instructions and illustrations to learn how to digitize, organise, preserve, share, and backup your digital collections. Softcover, 152 pages. Geoff Rasmussen, Unlock the Past, 2012. [More detail]

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner - $282.00
We are the only supplier in Australia. The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner is tiny, light-weight and allows you to scan photos on the scanner, in the album or even in a frame. If you have large images, no problem, the stitching software joins multiple images together seamlessly. Photos, magazines, artworks, even newspaper articles have never been easier to scan.

Store the scans digitally, and then share them with your family or friends. Unlike alternative solutions that don't have the combination of mobility, accuracy, versatility, and keeping the original safe, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is compact, simple to operate, has high resolution, quick scan time, battery power, cordless - no computer required, and onboard memory, and only weighs less than 1kg, and is the size of a tiny netbook computer. [More detail]


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