Rookwood Cemetery data online

Rookwood data now online

The SAG transcribed Rookwood Cemetery between 1981 and 1992 as its major project for the Australian Bicentenary, and has previously published these records on microfiche and CDROM.  We are pleased to now make them available to a new online audience through a partnership with and

From its opening in 1867, Rookwood became Sydney's most important cemetery and to date there are believed to have been more than 1 million burials there.  So if you have any family connections with Sydney it is a great place to go to look for family information.

Please note that there have been no amendments, deletions or updates to the data and it is the same as that published in 2002 on CD-ROM. These records are headstone inscriptions (monumental inscriptions) only and do not contain burial register information unless that was supplied to us by family members during the transcription project.

Rookwood is believed to be the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere and it is essential to take good maps with you if you wish to visit the cemetery to find a specific grave.  To assist with this, some of the maps which were contained on the CD-ROM  are reproduced here and may be downloaded and printed for research purposes.  The Society's Transcription project created many excellent maps, mostly compiled by the late Joan Sigrist, and these will be found in the SAG's Primary Records (Manuscript & Image collection) at Richmond Villa.

Anglican Old Section layout Map

Catholic Mortuary 1 Sections 2,3,4, layout Map

Catholic Mortuary 2,3,4 layout map

Independent Old Ground map

Jewish layout map

Presbyterian layout map

Presbyterian Section 1D map